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Are you clear on your Tax Allowances?

Tax can be complicated, being sure of your allowances is important. This handy Tax card will help you review allowances for the current tax year (2020-2021) which ends on 5th April 2021. Please do treat this as a guide only and seek Professional advice before making tax decisions. If you want to check that you […]

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Why should children learn about money?

How can you teach children about money and why is it so important? In this video Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at St. James’s Place, explains why educating children on where money comes from and how to look after it is so key to their future financial security.

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Why is compound interest so powerful?

Why is compound interest so powerful? Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at St. James’s Place, explains how it works and why it’s one of the keys to growing your wealth.

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The impact of inflation on your investments

Understanding inflation is an important factor when it comes to financial planning. If you do not plan effectively, the impact of inflation could cause your pot of hard-earned cash to shrink over time.  How does inflation work? Inflation means the general rise in prices for goods and services in an economy. Inflation can be good […]

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Financial advice for the entrepreneur

You’ve heard it all before, run of the mill financial advice – diversify, make time work for you, and embrace stock markets. For most investors, those are the core pillars of any investment strategy. However, for business owners that is only true up to a point. As you have different circumstances, you need to invest […]

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10 Ways Business Owners can benefit from Wealth Management

As a business owner you have dedicated a significant amount of time, money, and energy into building your business up to where it is today. That is why it is important for both your business and you personally to take steps into protecting what you have created, and to plan for the future through wealth […]

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5 reasons to get financial advice for your pension

Your pension is such an important part of your retirement. For most of us, it’s likely that our retirement will span over 30 years, and you’re faced with having to manage and invest a large amount of money that you can’t afford to lose. It can be a daunting thought, but there’s always advice and […]

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How we can help with taxes

We can never be sure how tax allowances will change and when, so it is important to take advantage of the allowances for the current tax year which may save you money in the long run.  While sometimes it’s easier to have a quick look at your tax affairs at the end of each tax […]

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Understanding Risk and the Importance of Diversification

In the last few years, we’ve seen highly volatile markets. Brexit, US-China trade wars, the Coronavirus Pandemic – that’s just to name a few factors that have caused the markets to be so turbulent.  It’s safe to say we’re in one of the most uncertain situations we’ve been in for a long time. However, in […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On – Focusing on your own Finances

Brexit, US-China trade wars, pandemics. Do we ever get any good news? Sometimes it’s enough to make us run to cover and hope for the best. The sad truth is bad news sells. There are now so many opinions, self-proclaimed experts, and social media non-sense clouding over what you really need to consider. And that […]

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